Airport surfaces may spread flu virus, research tells

Airport surfaces may spread flu virus, research tells

Cold season is on its way. It is the time to get all the precautionary measures to prevent the germs attack. The crowded areas are obvious to have these unwanted germs that may cause diseases.

The new research tells about the highest prevalence of some viruses at various airport surfaces. It says that the plastic security trays carry the maximum viruses.

The common cold or flu is among the most common virus but its, not life-threatening. The inconvenience causes a great deal of money to the US economy as shown by the recent statistics. CNBC estimates flu costs over $10 billion annually. This amount includes both outpatient visits and hospitalization.

Additionally, workers lose extra  $6.2 billion annually, deducted from their wages for the lost productivity due to flu.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of USA predicts the year 2018–2019 crucial during flu season. It recommends the public to follow all precautionary and preventive measures to avoid getting flu. For example getting flu shot, not spreading the virus, avoid catching flu from infected surfaces etc. (Click here to read all guidelines by CDC)

All the crowded places such as subway station or airport have the highest chance to transmit the virus. As a huge number of people use these places, staying away from viruses here is really challenging.

This new research helps people to avoid all such areas by screening a few surfaces from airports. The research was conducted by the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom in collaboration with the Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare in Helsinki.

The objective of this study was to find out which airport surface carries the high amount of viruses specifically contributing to respiratory diseases.

The findings of this research are published in the journal BMC Infectious Diseases. Click here to read the complete results.

What was studied in this research?

The research team collected samples of surfaces and air from Helsinki-Vantaa airport during the peak flu season during the year 2015–2016 in Finland.

Only the surfaces that were in contact with maximum passengers were used in this study. Adding up, Helsinki-Vantaa is the main airport in Finland, that registered approximately 20 million passengers during 2017.

Some examples of the surfaces that were examined included the following.

  • Armrests
  • Escalators
  • stair handrails
  • toys of children’s play area
  • trolley handles
  • luggage trays (at security checkpoint)
  • toilet seat lids
  • locks
  • flushing buttons at toilets

Swab samples from these places were tested for influenza A, influenza B, respiratory syncytial virus, rhinovirus, coronaviruses, and adenoviruses.

What did the results show?

The findings of the tests revealed that most of the viruses were present on almost 10% of all the surfaces examined. The highest concentration of viruses was on the plastic security trays.

Among all the examined viruses, rhinovirus was the main culprit for a common cold. It had the most widespread. Second to rhinovirus was influenza A virus, contributing to flu.

However, there was no respiratory virus on any of the toilet surfaces under testing. The research team expects these findings to be helpful for the public to prepare for flu season.

This study was a part of an international project called PANDHUB supported and funded by the European Union. It mainly focuses on studying the role of major traffic hubs in spreading different infections in public.

Additionally, this study plays a supportive role for the public awareness program on how common viral infections spread. The risk of getting these infections may be minimized with such awareness programs. The research team also adds certain practices that may reduce the chance to catch viruses. It includes practicing a hygienic hand washing and coughing into a handkerchief, tissue, or sleeve at public places.

Following these simple precautionary measures can help in preventing the pandemics. It is significant that corded areas like airports and subway stations cater to a high volume of people traveling. These people are from many different parts of the world.

In this case, this new research finding supports better planning and control of serious infectious diseases. Lastly, it also provides new ideas to improve the hygienic conditions at airports and other crowded public places.



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Mesomorph Body Type- What to Eat and How to Train?

Mesomorph Body Type- What to Eat and How to Train?

Everybody tends to have a unique body. But the bodies of most of the people are either ectomorph, endomorph, or mesomorph.

If you have a high percentage of muscles than fat, you may have a mesomorph body.

People having a mesomorph body do not have much trouble regarding weight. They are able to bulk up while maintaining mas quite easily.

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Why does a body type even matter? Because it is an aspect of your uniqueness. Moreover, knowing your body type makes it easier for you to achieve your fitness goals.

What are Different Body Types?

William Sheldon, a psychologist, and a researcher, was the first one to introduce body types. These body types are what you know as ‘’somatotypes”. Sheldon theorized that a body type can influence the personality and social status.

However, the current article only takes into account the physical attributes of these body types.

Your body composition, bone size, and a lot of other factors determine your body type.

Mesomorph Body Type- What to Eat and How to Train?

Image by Tailord Life

The Mesomorph Body Type

As per Sheldon, people with mesomorph type usually have a medium frame. They are able to gain muscle much more easily. Their bodies naturally have a higher index of muscle than fat.

Mesomorph individuals are generally solid and strong. They are neither underweight nor overweight. You can easily describe their bodies as rectangular in shape. Most of them have an upright posture.

Other features of a mesomorph include:

  • Large-sized hearts
  • Muscular chests and shoulders
  • An even distribution of weight
  • Square-shaped heads

Mesomorphs usually have no trouble regarding weight. They can eat whatever they want and still lose weight quite easily. On the flip side, they may be prone to weight gain just as quickly.

Those who wish to stay slim can consider this as a disadvantage.

What are Other Body Types?

The mesomorphs tend to fall between two other types of body. These include ectomorphs and endomorphs.


An ectomorph individual has a smaller frame and a minimal amount of body fat. People having this type of body are usually longer and leaner with no muscle mass.

They even suffer from great difficulty in gaining muscle and weight. Despite whatever they eat or do at the gym, ectomorphs rarely manage to get fat.


Endomorphs usually have a high body fat and comparatively less muscle. They are usually soft and have rounder bodies. Endomorphs are also able to put on weight more easily.

This does not always mean that endomorphs are fat or overweight. Instead, they have a higher tendency to gain fat than people with other body types.

What are Combination Body Types?

Sometimes, a person may have more than just one body type. For example, an ecto-endomorph have a pear-shaped body. Their upper bodies are thinner than the lower halves.

Endo-ectomorphs, on the other hand, are opposite. They have an apple-shaped body with high fat on the upper area. Their thighs and legs tend to be leaner

Which Diets are the Best for Mesomorph Individuals?

Body types largely determine the frame size of the skeleton and your natural tendencies to store fat. Therefore, every body type has specific requirements.

This means that each body type responds better to a certain diet. So tweaking your eating habits according to your body type can lead to beneficial outcomes.

Mesomorphs are able to gain and lose weight quite easily. Because they tend to have a high muscle mass, mesomorphs require higher calories. However, you must maintain a delicate balance.

Mesomorphs tend to do a lot better on high-protein diets with fewer carbs. So consider dividing your plates into thirds and focus on the following food groups.

Protein: Protein must form one-third of your plate. It will fuel your muscles and can accelerate muscle repair. Good choices of proteins include lentils, Greek yogurt, fish, white meats, and beans.

Fruits and Vegetables: Forming one-third of your plate, fruits and veggies are important for every body type. Try to choose vegetables and fruits with skins instead of processed ones. This is because processed varieties usually have salt or sugar in them. Whole fruits contain antioxidants, fiber, and chemicals which will promote muscle repair.

Fats and Whole Grains

One-third of whole grains and fats on your plate will ensure a good health. Whole grains such as quinoa, oatmeal, and brown rice will help fill your stomach. While choosing fats, be sure to prefer healthy ones such as seeds, nuts, and avocados.

In order to determine your caloric needs, fix an appointment with a nutritionist. You may also use an online calculator that uses your somatotype and fat percentage.

Remember that more muscle means you require more calories to fuel these muscles. And if you are exercising on a regular basis, you will need to eat to optimize energy.

Try eating small snacks before and after workouts to boost activity.

Does Gender Play a Role in Body Type?

Women normally have a higher rate of body fat than man. However, body size and body type are two different things. Both men and women can have mesomorphic bodies.

How the gender factors in it are not much clear.

Researchers indicated that children follow the somatotype of their mothers. However, more research is essential for a clearer reason.

Your body type mostly depends upon a number of factors. Genetics does seem to play a role. However, ethnicity and gender can also have a certain influence.

Bodybuilding with a Mesomorph Type

There is no one workout plan that is beneficial for every body type. People having a mesomorph body generally tend to appear more muscular than others. They can enhance their looks by further training via the following two workouts.

Weight Training

Mesomorph individuals have a naturally high amount of muscle. They may do well with weight training to enhance this muscle build up. You would need to perform weight training 5 times a week for good results.

Select three or four weight training workouts on your own. You may also get help from the trainer at your gym. Do three sets per exercise with the help of moderate to heavyweights.

Make sure to follow 8 to 12 repetitions per set. Take a break for 30 to 90 seconds before starting a new set.

If you do not want to bulk up and simply maintain muscle, you can try other exercises. Perform repetitions with lighter weights.


Mesomorph Body Type- What to Eat and How to Train?

Image by Shape Magazine

Cardiovascular exercises can really help mesomorphs who wish to look lean. A cardio session of 30 to 45 minutes 3 to 5 times a week can do wonders for you.

Try following steady exercises such as running, cycling, swimming, etc. You can also include high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to give yourself a lasting power.

HIIT requires you to indulge in strenuous bursts of training. This is followed by lighter intervals. This goes on throughout the entire length of the session.

The Bottom Line

Knowing your own somatotype can help you make the most of your body. People having a mesomorph body generally require more calories to fuel their bodies. They need fewer carbohydrates in the diet and require certain exercises to bulk up.

Make an appointment with a fitness professional or a doctor for professional advice. They will provide you with an exercise and diet plan that works best for you. Following it will help you achieve your target much more easily.

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Have Dimples by Sucking on Yummy Popsicles- Study Suggests

Have Dimples by Sucking on Yummy Popsicles- Study Suggests

Many of us interact and adore people with those super cute and tiny dimples and wish to have the same. To be honest there is something special about these charming set of dimples in adults that make us crave for the innocence of the childhood passed by.

Do you know, dimples are a temporary gift as they disappear when the baby fat is removed. While the one who retains their dimples are gifted with a genetic defect in which they still have it when they grow up.

The Genetic Defect which Retains the dimples as One Grows Up

One of the interesting facts is that the deciding factor in one’s body for dimples is genes. Yes! If you possess this cute gift, you should ultimately thank your parents for this. Talking about this genetic defect, it is the presence of shorter muscles around the mouth which makes a small dent in the muscle of the skin when one smiles.

As per the scientists, the dimples are an irregular dominant trait. It means there is no surety that the child will also have the same cute dimples like one or both parents possess.

But there are also many cases where the people did not have any dimples in youth and developed as they grow old.

Can a Popsicle Help you with Dimples?

A study published in the “New England Journal of Medicine” talked about the effect of having popsicles on skin. Children who more frequently sucked on popsicles have more chances to develop dimples. This process is known as Cryolipolysis.

What is Cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis is also most commonly known as a fat freezing process. In this process, the fat tissues die when they get in contact with extreme cold temperature. Due to this phenomenon, in which the fats quickly reacts with the cold temperature children are more likely to develop dimples when they suck popsicles.

This a strange news but the ice packs and cold air also have the same effect as of sucking popsicles. That is why this phenomenon is also known as “popsicle panniculitis.” The team of doctors from Harvard Medical School found out that fat is the tissue among other tissues in the body which is sensitive to extreme concentrated freezing temperature.

Tracie Connor, a health nutritionist said: “When the procedure is performed in a medically-based practice by a certified clinician and when the candidate is close to their ideal body weight and sticking to an exercise regime and diet appropriate for them, I think it’s very effective treatment for removing unwanted fat stores.”

The fat cells of your body are more sensitive to freezing temperatures than skin, thus can bear up to the temperature of minus 11 before giving the skin a frostbite. It is also a well-known trick to lose body fat without exercising.


Hold your horses right there if you are rushing to grab ice cubes and popsicles for dimples to grow. This is not an easy way as still, this phenomenon needs to be largely tested.


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New Scientific Research The Blue-Eyed Have One Common Ancestor

New Scientific Research The Blue-Eyed Have One Common Ancestor

Eyes have been referred to for quite a long time as the passage to the spirit. The measure of individuals worldwide with blue eyes is assessed to be around 32% even exceeding brown eyes which are evaluated at 25%.

Individuals with blue eyes have lower measures of melanin. As indicated by a few researchers, individuals with eye shading other than brown colored have a transformation or mutation in one of their genes.

Ten-thousand years back, nobody had any eye shading except brown colored eyes. All individuals begin with blue eyes, yet the shading changes to dark-colored right away before birth or as soon as after birth provided there are no transformations that stop the shading change to darker.

Blue eyes are more typical with individuals that are either European or have predecessors originated from Europe. The nation Finland as the most elevated measure of individuals with blue eyes and China has the least.

Statistically, men with blue eyes picked ladies with blue eyes as being more alluring and ladies with darker eyes picked men with blue eyes as being more appealing.

Research at University of Copenhagen

Specialists at the University of Copenhagen recommend that a transformation or mutation that emerged around 6,000 to 10,000 years back was acquired by each person who has blue eyes (unique examination here).

This transformation, found inside an intron in a gene which is called HERC2, diminishes the activity of neighboring gene which is known as OCA2. Points of interest of the genetic research, distributed in Human Genetics in January 2008, contains following:

  • The subjects for this study included 155 blue-eyed individuals from Denmark, 5 from Turkey and 2 from Jordan.
  • Ninety-seven percent of the study subjects had the identical set of 6 SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) substitutions in a similar region of the HERC2 gene on chromosome 15. However, remaining subjects were different from 97% individuals by only one to three mutations.
  • The transformed HERC2 gene confines the articulation (action) of the neighboring OCA2 gene, or, in other words, the gene that manages melanin content in the eyes, skin, and hair.

Inference of research at the University of Copenhagen

The scientists clarify the investigation discoveries as:

  • The HERC2 is the controller or regulator of the OGA2 gene. The transformation in the HERC2 gene just somewhat confines the activity of the OCA2 gene on the melanin substance of the iris. The impact is to diminish the melanin content kept in the iris of the eye, making it blue.
  • Very little variety between people in this gene transformation or mutation proposes it was anything but an arbitrary chance of the event, that it happened once, and that the change is moderately later.
  • Between blue-eyed individuals, there is just a little variety in the measure of melanin in the eyes, while the sum differs generally in individuals with darker eyes and different shades. This reinforces the association between a single gene mutation and one common ancestor for all blue-eyed individuals.
  • Dark eye colored individuals have the normal duplicate of the HERC2 gene and have the biggest measures of melanin in their irises. Individuals with green and hazel eyes have less melanin as compared to dark-colored eyes, however, more than individuals with blue eyes.

Baby blues

Eiberg and his group analyzed DNA from mitochondria, the cells’ vitality making structures, of blue-eyed people in nations including Jordan, Turkey, and Denmark. This hereditary material originates from females so it can follow maternal genealogies.

They particularly took a gander at successions of DNA on the OCA2 gene and the hereditary change related with turning down the production of melanin.

Through the span of a few ages, portions of familial DNA get rearranged so people have fluctuating groupings. A portion of these fragments, be that as it may, that hasn’t been reshuffled are called haplotypes.

In case that a gathering of people shares long haplotypes, that implies the grouping emerged moderately as of recent in our human precursors. The DNA grouping didn’t have enough time to get stirred up.

Melanin switch

The change or mutation is the thing that controls the OCA2 switch for melanin creation. What’s more, contingent upon the measure of melanin in the iris, a man can come up with eye shading running from dark colored to green.

Dark colored eyed people have significant individual variation in the territory of their DNA that controls melanin creation. However, they found that blue-eyed people just have a little level of variety in the measure of melanin in their eyes.

An anglo-Celtic study of the HERC2 gene

In February 2008 article in the American Journal of Human Genetics, different analysts testified an investigation of the HERC2 gene in 3,075 for the most part Northern European individuals of chiefly of Anglo-Celtic inception.

The outcomes demonstrated that the substitution of only a single nucleotide in the HERC2 gene was unequivocally connected with the OCA2 gene activity and in this way could foresee blue versus dark colored eye shading.

Blue-eyed dark-skinned ancestors

Dark skinned individuals with blue eyes examining their ancestry may be intrigued to realize this may be a direct result of inheritance of antiquated genes for blue eyes their dark-skinned descendants conveyed and not as a result of light-skinned ancestors.

Particulars of DNA examination of a 7,000-year old skeleton found in Spain in 2006 was distributed in the diary Nature in March 2014:

  • The specialists found that this man conveyed genealogical genes for blue eyes and dull skin and that those were a portion of his physical characteristics.
  • The authors propose that the lighter eye shading preceded the skin color lightening.
  • Furthermore, their hypothesis is that light skin advanced after the time of this man because of adjustment from a hunter-gatherer diet to a farming diet. This is in opposition to the conventional conviction that light skin developed to retain more vitamin D as individuals moved to northern atmospheres.

How do the scientists arrive at the end that everybody with the blue eye gene is descended from a similar blue-eyed person?

The analysts make this inference on the grounds that ninety-seven percent of the blue-eyed people in their investigation had a similar arrangement of 13 SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) changes. Mutations were in the OCA2 and HERC2 genes on chromosome 15. The other three percent varied by just 1 to 3 transformations.

The contention goes that if the rs12913832(G) change had happened haphazardly in populaces around the globe, at that point it would have jumped up in various haplotypes (that is, the 13 SNPs in the OCA2 and HERC2 genes would be arbitrarily unique among those populaces).

Rather, 97% of blue-eyed individuals that were subject of the study have the very same SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) haplotype at that specific area, recommending that the rs12913832(G) change just effectively emerged once and has spread far and wide related to those 13 SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms).

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Children Should Get their Weight Check Up to Age 18- Report Says

Children Should Get their Weight Check Up to Age 18- Report Says

According to a report of clinical health experts, people below 18 should get their weight and BMI that is body mass index checked every year.

When compared with other countries nowadays England is in lead on obesity, infant deaths, and mental health, says the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. No changes in policy will soon make these health problems reach their peak.

An NHS England spokesman expressed her view on the reports that it shares “useful context” for the long-term funding plan. The goal is to publish this funding plan soon, maybe this year.

Talking about the current situation in England, children are only measured up to their primary level from the ages of 10 to 11 and not after that.

The report “Child Health in 2030 in England” points out the fact that there is a need to put a full stop on obesity. The report compared the health of children and young people in England to 14 other European Union countries as well as Norway, Australia, and Canada.

The report showed that England has very poor health issues than the other 18 countries. It is also more likely to fall further behind these countries in the future.

The report pointed out:

• Mental health issues like depression tend to increase by 2030

• Increased trend of smoking during pregnancy

• A higher proportion of young mothers

• 1/3 of the boys living in the low sanitary areas of England will be obese by 2030

• Increased fatal respiratory health conditions like asthma and epilepsy in England and Wales

• A lower proportion of mothers breastfeeding than the European Union countries

• A&E attendances tend to rise in the next 12 years

As by the report, poverty is one of the main health issues for children and a well-funded strategy will only help the things to turn around.

It also says that many successes are being observed in England like in controlling diabetes, reducing the smoking rate among young generation and death from injuries. Everyone is hoping for the childhood obesity plan to show some success and “reverse the current obesity plans.”

The report further makes suggestions which include:

• Making the child’s health record available online

• Mentioning the names of children from age 2 to 18 in the asthma register

• The building of local health care centers for quick consultation

• Proper investing in school nursing and the health visiting services

• Using an electronic growth chart recording and keeping the data of weight, height, and BMI of people from 2 to 18 every year

According to the professor Russell Viner, a report author and the president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, “This report clearly identifies the danger on the horizon- but trends shown here are not inevitable.”

“Each of them could be turned around if the key actions are undertaken.” He also said it is a highly appreciated task that NHS has included the point of child and maternal health in the long-term plan. He explained this plan as a great opportunity for improving the child health. “Act now or the consequences are grave.”

A spokesperson of the department of health and social care said: “Improving children’s mental and physical health is a key priority for this government and will be pivotal in our long-term plan for the NHS, which we are backing with additional funding of an extra £20.5 billion a year by 2030/24.”

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Faint positive line on pregnancy strip- Am I Pregnant?

Faint positive line on pregnancy strip- Am I Pregnant?

There are many ways to confirm a pregnancy. One of the most common methods is to use a home pregnancy test. It is simple and easy but sometimes the results are confusing. For example, one of such a confusing situation is when you see a faint positive line. As it is faint, it is hard to say if pregnancy is confirmed or not.

Regardless of the common belief, home pregnancy tests are an accurate way to detect a pregnancy. Some of the brands make such sensitive test strips that even detect a pregnancy right after a missed period. (Click here to read more about it)

Here in this article, you will get to know the most common questions on checking a pregnancy by using home pregnancy tests. Particularly, it will emphasize on a faint positive result and how to be sure about it.

Is a faint positive line an early sign of pregnancy?

As you may know, a line on home pregnancy test indicates a pregnancy. Sometimes the positive line is not so clear. Or you can say it is very faint. In this situation, it is hard to say if the pregnancy test is positive or not.

Also, there is a chance that there is no pregnancy and it is just an error of your home kit. It is necessary to know that every pregnancy and pregnancy test is different. Using a home pregnancy kit is easier for many people. As it shows a noticeable dark confirmatory line, it is easy to detect a pregnancy.

While for others it may not be that simple. Sometimes a faint positive line shows up. It is particularly common when you are trying to catch an early pregnancy. It means a faint positive line may indicate a very early pregnancy. Likewise, this faint line may also indicate the lower hormonal levels. This is a characteristic feature of early pregnancy.

As you know every pregnancy test is basically a measure of a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG. Normally, the body produces more hCG after a fertilized egg implants itself into the womb. Amazingly, this hormone hCG is also found in many medicines that you commonly use. If you are using such medicine, it increases the chance of a false positive result.

Additionally, there is a possibility of chemical pregnancy or very early miscarriage. It may occur in the first 13 weeks of pregnancy. (Read more about pregnancy loss by clicking here)

After an early miscarriage, it takes some time for the body to normalize hCG levels. Now relate this to pregnancy tests, which measure the hCG levels. When you are taking a test during this time, there are high chances to see a faint positive result.

Only a certified doctor can confirm if this faint positive result is a sign of early pregnancy, a reaction of any medication, or a chemical pregnancy. But if you are having a faint positive result while you are bleeding, it may be a chemical pregnancy.

Lastly, if a woman suspects that she is having a miscarriage, the best is to confirm with diagnostic tests. For the answers on why is she having a faint positive pregnancy results, she should contact a doctor.

Pregnancy test

The image is taken from “resources.lupus”

What do you mean by an evaporation line?

An evaporation line is a formal term for a false positive line that you may sometime see on a pregnancy test strip. If you leave the pregnancy strip for too long, the urine mark (line) on the strip may evaporate. Interestingly, this may also look like a faint or blur line. In this case, it indicated a confirmed pregnancy. Due to leaving it for a longer time, it loses its indicatory line.

In many cases, the evaporation process may make a single line to look like two lines, giving a false “positive” result. When you are taking a pregnancy test, it is necessary to read the instructions that come from the manufacturer.

The instructions clearly tell about how to use the strip and time limit for checking the results.

How to do a pregnancy test?

You may consider using a pregnancy test once the fertilization of an egg takes place. This egg implants itself on to the inner uterine wall. Because of this implantation, the body produces hCG hormone. Using any home pregnancy test will detect the amount of this hormone in urine.

Right after conception, the hCG levels become low. Not to forget, a healthy pregnancy normally doubles the hormone levels every 2-3 days. (Read how hCG levels increase in pregnancy by clicking here)

Now you know that why this line may faint even on a confirmed pregnancy. As time passes, repeating the test will give a clear, positive result.

What to do if you see a faint positive result?

First of all, you need to retake the test, using a new strip the second time. Then contact a doctor if you see a faint positive result twice. It is better to wait for a few days and then take the test. Repeating it again and again at the same time will not do anything.

If you see a faint positive home pregnancy test result, wait for a few days and repeat it. Call your doctor on the basis of this second result.

In contrast, if you see a negative result and you are on your period, it may be a miscarriage. Early miscarriages are very common and are not harmful to the body. They don’t affect the chance to become pregnant again.

Eventually, you must see a doctor in any case when your pregnancy test strip shows a faint positive result.

pregnancy test

The image is taken from “Pinterest”

When to seek immediate help?

A pregnant woman or a woman trying to get pregnant should ask all the questions to her doctor. She should even ask about a faint positive pregnancy test even if they don’t experience it. It is always good to know about all the possibilities during a pregnancy. In this way, the future complications may be controlled.


If you are on a medicine with hCG as an active ingredient, prefer a diagnostic pregnancy test. A home pregnancy test may not give you a 100% result. Many women experience vaginal bleeding after having a faint positive pregnancy test.

If this bleeding is light or similar to a period, consult your doctor. If the bleeding is heavier than a period, seek immediate medical help.

The final word

Many women tend to experience a faint positive home pregnancy test result. It may indicate various things including a pregnancy. Anyone who gets a faint positive result should wait for a few days and retake the test. Seek medical help accordingly.

Lastly, it is always the best to consult a doctor for all the questions regarding pregnancy and maternal health.

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Muscles Spasms and Pulled Muscles – Are They the Same Thing?

Muscles Spasms and Pulled Muscles – Are They the Same Thing?

If you have ever faced sudden pain and throbbing in the body after moving in a certain way as well as plainly sitting in a single place for a long time that can seem unbearable, you have experienced muscles spasms.

Muscle spasm can occur at any time of the day and often without any warning causing cramping and throbbing along with pain. They have various terms and are known as leg cramps, muscle cramps, and charley horse

A large number of people have muscle spasms and throbbing pain especially in the legs every other day of the week or even multiple times in a single day without knowing that some of their daily habits such as lack of exercise, poor diet, and posture are to be blamed for the pain.

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What Are Muscle Spasms?

While people from almost all age groups get muscle cramps, a majority of the people are not even aware of what happens in when they get a spasm. A muscle spasm happens due to involuntary actions of one or more muscles in the body.

Putting it simply, it is just the tightening or cramping of muscles in the affected area without you even making any effort to move it and stay this way for a period of time because of your inability to relax. The most common areas to get muscle spasm are the neck, legs, and the back.

For adults, the most typical places to get a muscle spasm are calves, hamstrings, lower back, quadriceps, and feet. It is also possible to get spasms practically anywhere in the body including ankles, ribs, hands, and abdomen.

You might have noticed you get muscles spasms more often when you are under constant stress and not taking care of yourself. They come and go depending on your diet, exercise routine, sleep patterns and a couple of other factors. For women, the menstrual cycle also plays a big part.

Muscle spasms are experienced by most of the people regardless of whether they watch their diet and exercise as they come with some of the prevalent health conditions.

The common examples of muscle spasms you might have experienced are menstrual cramps, lower back pain, and diarrhea.

Out of all other types of muscle spasms, the most painful and agonizing one is said to be the charley horse which occurs in the calves. The pain described in charley horse is so excruciating that it can wake you up from sleep.

You can also get other types of muscle spasms by common movements that you do in your everyday life such as getting out of bed, bending, tilting your head, standing up, sitting down, and plainly just after exercising.

Muscles Spasms and Pulled Muscles - Are They the Same Thing?

Image By Medical News Today

According to the studies on muscle spasms and its links with different factors, age seems to play a big role. The older you get, the higher is the possibility of getting muscle spasms such as the ones mentioned above.

Why is this so? Because during the process of aging, the body undergoes several changes such as losing muscle mass. Less muscle mass in the body means other muscles are under increased pressure to provide the support needed for all the movements.

People who are more likely to have muscle spasms have some of the habits many of people have in today’s time such as a poor diet since nutrients, anti-inflammatory antioxidants and natural muscles relaxers are all obtained from food.

Other factors that can have a big effect on the possibility of getting muscle spasms are high levels of inflammation, pregnancy, poor circulation, PMS, and women who are having their menstrual periods.

Are Muscle Spasms and Pulled Muscles The Same Condition?

It is a common misconception that pulled muscles and muscle spasms are two terms used for the same condition. This is not true, especially when considering the fact that spasms are typically temporary and harmless while pulled muscles are totally different from this.

A pulled muscle because anyone or two muscles in a particular area of your body are injured, torn, or strained. Pulled muscles occur due to sudden movements of the body parts, overworking, or high levels of inflammation.

Pulled muscles can be of different types depending on the person and the cause. Acute muscle pulls, which generally come from sudden movements, twisting, trauma, or a fall, are seen the most and are temporary.

On the other hand, serious cases of muscle pull occur gradually due to building up of inflammation in the affected area of the body and can last for much longer periods of time.

Some of the most common types of muscle pull that you might have also experienced are spraining ankles, twisting, and throwing out the back. These can happen to anyone and take a maximum of a day to go away.

Overuse muscle pulls are usually seen in athletes or someone who is very active with a vigorous exercise routine.

They can happen to you especially if you have been working on the same muscles back to back without having enough time for the muscles to heal. Bursitis and tendonitis are two types prevalent of overuse muscle pulls.

The important question that is asked after knowing the difference between a muscle spasm and a muscle pull is that how exactly you are able to tell which one is he or she experiencing especially when the pains in both are somewhat similar.

The answer to that question is simple. Look out for small signs and the circumstances. For example, when you have a muscle spasm, there is a high possibility that you have not slept properly, are not taking a good diet, or are dehydrated.

Some of the other things to differentiate a pull from a spasm are inflammation and swelling. You can also try gently pressing or stretching the affected area.

If doing this helps you relax and reduces the pain, you are having a cramp or a muscle spasm since pulls muscles do not relax this way.

What Causes Muscle Spasms?

Muscles and their actions are normally controlled by the signals sent by the nervous system through the network of nerves. There can be all types of reasons that can cause these signals to mix up or malfunction.

If you are doing one or have the following circumstances, they are likely to be the reason behind your muscle spasms:

  • You have poor blood circulations (signs include cold feet/hands and blue or purple tint visible in toes and fingers)
  • You are not taking enough fluid/are dehydrated (mostly because of exercising in the heat or drinking too much alcohol)
  • Your diet is poor/lacks in essential nutrients and has foods that cause fluid retention/too much salt (especially vital electrolytes such as potassium and magnesium)
  • You have spasms after staying in the same position for a long period of time along with an unstable and bad posture (usually neck or lower back spasms)
  • You skip the essential warm up before exercise and stretching after it
  • You are pregnant (muscle spasms are most common in pregnant women)
  • You are exercising and putting a lot of pressure on the same muscles continuously (especially on your calves and legs)
  • You have finished long-distance exercise (which can cause electrolyte imbalance and fatigue)
  • You are expecting to get your menstrual periods soon (or have them)
  • You have an existing health concern (such as liver disease, diabetes, and thyroid disease)
  • You have the calcium deficiency
  • You have recently had an injury (especially around the neck, spinal cord, and lower back which causes pinching of nerves)
Muscles Spasms and Pulled Muscles - Are They the Same Thing?

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What Is the Treatment?

In most of the cases, muscle spasms are harmless and go away with certain improvements in lifestyles and changing exercise routines.

However, many times they can also indicate a serious underlying condition and cause electrolyte imbalance, nerve damage, constant changes in blood pressure, and abnormal fluid levels along with the pain.

If lifestyle changes are not relieving your muscle spasms and you keep getting them, it is better to visit a doctor or physicians to check whether they are occurring due to some other reason.

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Hay Fever – Why Is It Hard To Treat?

Hay Fever – Why Is It Hard To Treat?

The patients with seasonal allergy also called as hay fever, often find it hard to get the right choice of anti-allergic medicine. A research that is recently published in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology-In Practice tells that people face serious problems while dealing with allergies.

You can read the complete research by clicking here.

The study tells that allergic patient often skip talking to doctors or pharmacists about the medicine and rather make a wrong selection of anti-allergic medicines. Most of these medicines are available over the counter so they find it easy to select the one all by themselves.

The symptoms that all these anti-allergic medicines claim to treat include continuous sneezing, runny noses, and red, itching eyes. But choosing the wrong medicine makes it an extra burden on your pocket and destructive long-term effects.

The study was a survey of nearly 300 Australians who were analyzed for medicine shopping in their hometown pharmacies. It was seen that only 17% of patients with hay fever made the right choice of medicine for their symptoms.

Out of all these participants, 68% were patients with hay fever while rest had a non-allergic rhinitis. It appears just like allergic rhinitis but is often misdiagnosed.

Hay Fever - Why Is It Hard To Treat?

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Why is it necessary to choose the right medication?

This study was based in Australia but the results predicted that people from all around the world are picking the wrong medicines for seasonal allergy medications. Most of the people repeat this mistake of selecting the anti-allergic medicine by themselves, without consulting a responsible authority.

This is not just common in Australia but it has now become a global trend. Most of these people using wrong medicines were also likely to experience moderate to severe symptoms caused by these inappropriate medications.

From the total, 60% of the people said that their symptoms had a high impact on at least one aspect of their day-to-day life. It had restrictions on daily activities being the most troublesome during the allergic attack. Nearly 15th of the participants also suffered from coexisting asthma.

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The reason why allergies get worse is to be so much dependent on medicines. There is a high chance that these medicines are not helpful because you have not made the right selection.

It also associated with the financial cost that adds up when you poorly manage your rhinitis, whether allergic or non-allergic. It includes direct treatment-related costs and indirect costs. Together these two cause reduced productivity, which can create a substantial socioeconomic burden on the patients and overall the social community.

Which medication is the best to use for hay fever?

Hay fever often hits the patients in the months of spring. It prolongs through summer and early fall. The frequency of allergic attacks is less in winter. It is due to the pollen that is carried by air. This pollen is produced by the grass, trees and even weeds as American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology says.

The common symptoms of experience are sneezing, congestion, runny noses, and itchy and watery eyes. These symptoms also cause headaches and other related issues. From 8% to 18% in the United States are suffering from hay fever, according to the latest update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Out of this, 2.3% miss their work due to allergic attacks of rhinitis.

The medical experts believe that nasal sprays with steroid are the best for most of the patients of hay fever. But they are rarely picked by people as a part of their self-medication practices, as the study tells.

So many people choosing the wrong medicine for hay fever was not a surprise for the researchers, as they were expecting the same results.

Many prescription allergy drugs are more widely available for over the counter because people don’t prefer to go to the physicians or consulting pharmacists about their allergies. It also explains that people are spending money on medicines and still undertreated.

What To Keep In Mind?

If anyone is diagnosed with an allergy, it is more likely to show up every time that an allergic trigger is around.

However, it is not always the allergy, sometimes improper sleep or cold also shows up as an allergy. It is complicated to self-evaluate your condition and it has high chances of a misdiagnosis.

Hay Fever - Why Is It Hard To Treat?

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Most of the people from study chose the oral medicines and not the nasal sprays. It shows that people aren’t fond of it and they don’t like to use it. The oral antihistamines make you feel better but for long-term use, it is better to use nasal sprays. They come with fewer complications

People if left undertreat will be having it for whole life. The purpose of this study was to highlight the importance of getting yourself checked by a consultant physician and using the right choice of medicine only.

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13 Different Types of Lemon Masks for a Flawless skin

13 Different Types of Lemon Masks for a Flawless skin

Lemon is a miracle. It is advanced with vitamin C which produces collagen, citrus extract that helps treat skin pimples, potassium, and lutein which battle free radicals, folate, copper, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and so on. Lemon is one of the significant components in a large portion of the face masks and items. You can make a few face masks at home utilizing lemon. So fix and dispose of a few skin issues without going to a dermatologist or spending on costly beauty care products.

Lemon Juice, Egg White, and Brown Sugar

This face pack is a natural exfoliator. Dark colored sugar in this pack helps expel dead skin cells and egg white gives additional sparkle to your skin. Blend 1 tbsp. of lemon juice, 2 tbsp. of dark-colored sugar (or fine white sugar) and an egg white in a bowl. Rub your face softly with this blend for 5 minutes. And leave it for an additional 10 minutes and wash off with tap water.

Honey, Aloe and Lemon Face Mask

It treats and improves dry skin. This face mask wipes out pimples. Add lemon, honey, and aloe vera in a bowl, mix them well and apply the blend all over your face. Do it consistently. Rather than washing your face with a face wash, you can use this blend alternatively. Rehash the procedure regularly until it shows signs of improvement.

Honey Essential Oil, Lemon, and Milk

This pack is for all skin types and is a characteristic skin helping pack. Simply include 1 tbsp. of honey, few drops of your any oil, 1 tbsp. milk powder and 1 tbsp. of lemon juice in a bowl and mix. Apply this all over your face and neck, leave for 15-20 minutes and wash off with water.

Tomato, Sandalwood, and Lemon

If you need to lighten up your skin, you can utilize this face mask. Simply include 1 tbsp. of cucumber juice, 1 tbsp. of tomato juice, 1 tbsp. of sandalwood powder and 1 tbsp. of lemon extract in a bowl and make a smooth paste. You can include more lemon juice if your skin is oily. Apply this paste all over your face and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash it with cold water once it gets dried.

13 Different Types of Lemon Masks for a Flawless skin

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Lemon, Almond Oil, and Honey

This is another brilliant lemon juice home remedy. Mix a couple of drops of almond oil, 1 tbsp. of honey and a couple of drops of lemon juice, it is best for wrinkles. Apply this blend all over, do not apply around the area of your eye, and let it sit for 15 minutes. Wash off with warmish water.

Potatoes and Lemon Juice

Potatoes are rich in vitamin C. It likewise disposes of sun-tan. For this face mask, crush a lemon in a bowl loaded with finely ground potato (1/2 medium measured), transformed into a smooth mash. Apply the blend all around your face, aside from the eye region. Give it a chance to remain for 20 minutes and after that wash it off with tepid water.

Lemon and Egg White

Egg white and lemon confront cover is well-known face pack for spotless skin. Egg contains numerous basic mixtures, vitamins, and minerals that are useful for more youthful looking skin. For this face mask, beat an egg white till it ends up noticeably foamy. Squeeze half lemon in the egg, apply it all you’re your face and neck to delicately rub it (stay away from mouth and eyes). Abandon it for 30 minutes and wash off with icy water a short time later.

Lemon, Tomato, and Oats

This is another brilliant pack for evacuating tan. Finely crush some cereal to make a powder. Include 2 tbsp. of this powder to 1 tbsp. of tomato juice and ½-1 tbsp. of lemon squeeze and set up a fine paste. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and wash it off with cool water later.

Cucumber, Rose Water, and Lemon

This is a perfect face pack for sun tan as it contains the ideal blend of cucumber and lemon. Utilization of this mix every day will give you a flawless, untan skin. Cucumber contains silica which restores the skin and expels undesirable imprints from the skin. For this, mix some cucumber into a fine paste. To it, include 1 tbsp. of rose water and 1 tbsp. of lemon juice. Apply this pack on your face. Give it a chance to remain for 10 minutes and afterward flush it off with chilly water. Apply any cream high in SPF a while later to lessen the acidic impact of lemon all over.

13 Different Types of Lemon Masks for a Flawless skin

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Yogurt, Tomato, and Lemon Mask

Yogurt contains citrus extract which is an incredible source to decrease the suntan and imperfections from your face. This custom made pack would decrease the pigmentation and the patches from your sun-tanned skin. For this mix, you will require 2 tbsp. of tomato mash, 1 tbsp. of lemon juice and 1 tbsp. of yogurt. Blend them well and apply a layer of this blend all over. Keep it for 30 minutes. Check if it’s totally dry, if not, keep it for quite a while progressively and afterward wash it off with frosty water.

Lemon and Aloe Vera Mask

Aloe vera contains many substances like minerals, amino acids, and chemicals that are valuable for our wellbeing and skin. Its benefits are utilized as a part of numerous makeup and its recuperating properties are used in drugs since ages. This face mask is for every skin type and works wonderfully for sensitive skin and for eliminating tan. Take 1 tbsp. of aloe gel and include 2-3 drops of a lemon squeeze to it. Apply it onto your face and rub delicately for 5 minutes. Abandon it for another couple of minutes and wash off later. You will see the difference right away.

Lemon Peel and Milk Mask

Take a tbsp. of lemon peel powder or, simply grind the peel of a lemon. To it, include 1 tbsp. of raw milk and make a fine paste apply the readied blend all over and let it dry totally. Wash off with general water and apply the cream. You should apply the blend for seven days to decrease tan skin.

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Lemon, Green Tea and Turmeric Mask

Turmeric has skin helping and mitigating properties which are useful in limiting scars, battling acne and other skin issues. Green tea is rich in cancer prevention agents and is a characteristic UV defender which helps in feeding the skin and battles wrinkles. Simply include 2 tablespoons of fermented green tea, a squeeze of turmeric and a half teaspoon of lemon juice in a bowl. Blend them well and apply it to your face using a cotton ball. Give it a chance to dry for 3 minutes and afterward rehash. In the wake of applying the glue uniformly, let it remain for 10 minutes and after that wash it off and pat your face dry.

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Global Climate Change – What Are The Predicted Effects?

Global Climate Change – What Are The Predicted Effects?

The changes in climate and shifts in weather pattern occurring over a period of time can threaten the natural processes of the Earth as well as the lives of all creatures living on it including human beings.

The changing temperature and precipitation pattern are clear to observe in various regions of the world. Environmental disasters like droughts, floods, heat waves, and forest fires have become more common.

What Are The Latest Findings On this Subject?

A medical journal titled in The Lancet published a report featuring 55 authors from various environmental disciplines around the world. This international research provides a global overview of the issue.

Read there report here. 

The climate change has always received delayed response affecting the vulnerable populations at greater scale. It is a major precursor affecting the livelihood of people around the world.

Global Climate Change - What Are The Predicted Effects?

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A fellow at the Institute for Global Health, University College London, Nick Watts said that we have been quite shocked and surprised by some results while studying the association between climate change and public health.

Various health hazards are associated with changing the climate. The death toll due to natural disasters is increasing worldwide at an annual rate. The observed rate of climate change is so rapid that the ecosystem and humans have failed to adapt accordingly.

The major concern of time is increasing the level of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. Being a major culprit behind global temperature rise and greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide presents a major overall threat.

The American Public Health Association (APHA) declared 2017 as the “Year of Climate Change and Health”. Considering the importance of an issue, it is needed to remediate the potential threats to human health.

How Is this Affecting the Atmosphere and Land?

The land warming is at a faster rate than atmospheric warming. Heating up of Earth has increased the risk of frequent heat waves. According to the Lancet report, the number of vulnerable people exposed to heat waves since 2000 has increased by about 125 million people.

Coal and fossil fuel emissions are the major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. The coal use was at a peak in 2013 contributing a lot to air pollution.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are special concerns with dengue. The risk of dengue has raised 30-folds in last 50 years.

As a result of a global rise in temperature, the global capacity of two mosquito species Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus has also increased by 3 percent. El Nino is expected to increase the risk of mosquito caused infections.

The impacts are more severe for children under the age of 12 years or elderly and patients. There is an increasing rate of lungs diseases, heart diseases, acute or chronic respiratory tract infections and other.

Global Climate Change - What Are The Predicted Effects?

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What Other Health Risks Are Increased?

Along with these health effects, the extreme weather conditions have worsened the other existing problems.

The president of American Lung Association, Harold P. Wimmer said in a statement, “The report emphasizes the scale of threats to human health and makes it clear that reducing dangerous climate pollution is critical to protect the health and save lives”.

Lancet report is driving the American climate policy in a new direction. Public health groups have shown greater interest in it, making a larger point about climate policy in the country.

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When Lancet report exposes the impacts of climate change on human health, it also presents an immediate way forward. Addressing and tackling the issues related to climate change improves global health.

There is a need to invest in public health research and to develop climate resilient health systems. Involvement of health professionals is essential for understanding climate change and responding it at a time in a better way.

It calls for the timely action which we need for providing safer energy sources to resist the effects due to climate change and to accelerate communities in this regard for safe future.

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