Predict Your Sexuality by Index and Ring Finger – Research Says

Predict Your Sexuality by Index and Ring Finger – Research Says

Well, scientists still have not identified any gay gene but have used the means of digital ratio to interpret the sexual orientation of a person. The digital ratio refers to the length of your index and ring finger. How? This is due to the hormone levels in your mother’s womb at the time of pregnancy.

Have you ever seen observed the length of your index and ring finger? According to a study, women are lesbians who have different lengths of index and ring fingers.

For conducting a research, scientists measured the length of fingers of 18 pair of twins. Of each twin, one was heterosexual while the other one was homosexual. In result mostly the lesbians, not the straight twins had unidentical lengths of index and ring finger. The scientists noticed the difference in length typically in the left hand.

Researchers from the University of Essex proposed that this might be the result of increased exposure to the male hormone testosterone in the womb.

The scientists did the same experiment with male identical twins. The team observed 14 pairs of twins where again one was homosexual and the other heterosexual. However, they did not found any connection.

In women generally, the fourth finger which is ring and second finger that is index has the same length. While in men the condition is vice versa that is both the fingers have a great difference in their length.

In the womb, both female and the male get in touch with the hormone testosterone which predicts the length of their fingers. But the only difference which causes this is the increased exposure of this hormone.

The further research has confirmed the fact that a gay man has more chances of having same finger length ratios to that of heterosexual women. While on the other hand lesbians have a masculine arrangement that is having longer ring finger than index finger.

The researchers at UC Berkeley agreed that lesbian women are most likely to have the same finger length ratio that of homosexual men. In addition to this, they also found out that the finger ratio of men also depends on his number of older siblings (brothers).

“ Because identical twins, who share 100% of their genes, can differ in their sexual orientations, factors other than genetics must account for the differences,” said Dr. Tuesday Watts, a study author from the psychology department at Essex University.

He further added, “research suggests that our sexuality is determined in the womb and is dependent on the amount of male hormone we are exposed to or the way our individual bodies react to that hormone, with those exposed to higher levels of testosterone being more likely to be bisexual or homosexual.

“Because of the link between hormone levels and the difference in finger lengths, looking at someone’s hands could provide a clue to their sexuality.”

All the work and result is published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior.


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Use Apple Cider Vinegar For An Effective Body Cleanse

Use Apple Cider Vinegar For An Effective Body Cleanse

Apple cider vinegar is a famous ingredient for food recipes and salad dressings. People sometimes only know it as a healthy food ingredient. What they don’t know about apple cider vinegar is that it has medicinal benefits for you too.

Many people use it as a central ingredient, calling the process as an apple cider vinegar detox. The idea to use it for detox is that unfiltered ACV has the best number of benefits in it.

Apple cider vinegar is widely used for detoxification. It can be included in diet or drank in water. The benefits are not new for the world but it has a history of over thousands of years. Some people claim that Hippocrates, known as the father of medicine was the one who promoted ACV for its health qualities in 400BC.

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Today many manufacturers are making the best quality of apple cider vinegar and you can easily buy it from your local store. It is also available for sale online.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar For An Effective Body Cleanse

Image By Healthline

Does Apple Cider Detox Work?

Do you know that your body is capable to detoxify itself naturally? You don’t even need a proof of it to support the statement because it appears visibly. This detox removes all the toxins from the body.

One of the biggest use of apple cider vinegar is to start the detox plan for the body. If you want to exclude the processed foods from routine, you should introduce healthier whole foods in the diet. In this case, apple cider vinegar plays a beneficial role in the internal and external side of you.

Following are some best effects of apple cider vinegar:

  • Adds a significant number of enzymes to the body.
  • Increases your potassium intake for the day.
  • Enhances your immunity.
  • Promotes weight loss.
  • Maintains a healthy pH inside your body.
  • Improves your digestion.
  • Adds good bacteria, ensuring a healthier gut.
  • Removes the sludge toxins from the body.
  • Improves the texture of the skin and adds a glow.
  • Helps against acne when you use it on skin
  • Makes your hair healthier and shinier.

You might have heard the appetite control ability of apple cider vinegar. It burns fat like anything. There is research evidence that suggests that daily use of apple cider vinegar helps to combat type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol.

How To Detox Using Apple Cider Vinegar?

You can make this amazing detox drink by using apple cider vinegar at home. This health drink recipe is available on several health forums. Following is a generalized recipe but you can modify it as per your taste.

  • Take 1-2 tablespoon of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar.
  • Take 8 ounces of purified water or distilled water.
  • Take 1-2 tablespoons of sweetener. You can take honey, maple syrup or any other natural sweetener. Also, you can use stevia.

Mix all these ingredients and drink it once a day. Some of the recipes also add lemon juice in it, which enhances the flavor even more. Some people use a dash of cayenne pepper in it.

Once you start taking this drink every day, you will feel noticeable differences in you. You can use warm water in the recipe or normal room temperature water. Never use these ingredients in cold water.

It may take several days for you to adopt the taste of it. Many people use it as an energy drink early in the morning. Some people use up to 3 glasses of this drink in one day upon waking, mid-morning, and again mid-afternoon respectively.

Is There Research To Show Such Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar?

There is no as such research on detox by apple cider vinegar. However, there are many research studies on apple cider vinegar itself. The information on detox use of apple cider vinegar available online is purely anecdotal and should be read with caution.

You can say that apple cider vinegar is not examined medically. There is a huge trend of research plans on apple cider vinegar but for its impact on various diseases i.e. type 2 diabetes.

For weight loss, there are a few studies that support the benefit of apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar makes you lose weight and fat mass both. The triglyceride levels for its users are also expected to lower significantly.

Other research studies confirm that apple cider vinegar helps to lower the LDL, triglycerides and cholesterol levels in its users. One of these studies was based on people with hyperlipidemia (high blood fats). The results tell that taking apple cider vinegar regularly helps to prevent atherosclerosis in people that have a capacity to develop these complications.

All of these studies are based on a smaller scale and no large group research is completed on any similar aspect of the study. The large-scale studies on humans are required to know the exact impact of apple cider vinegar on human health.

There is no as such research on apple cider vinegar that supports the famous health benefits of it, as claimed by the people.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar For An Effective Body Cleanse

Image By Dr. Oz

What Do You Need To Know Before Doing an ACV Detox?

Before you put your hands on apple cider vinegar detox, you must know that you are using a diluted version of it. Diluting apple cider vinegar is easy, you can add water to it to reduce its acidity.

Otherwise, it is harmful to drink apple cider vinegar directly. It may harm the tooth enamel and sometimes also burns the mouth and throat.

Anytime when you consume apple cider vinegar, make sure that you rinse your mouth with clean water.

You can also sip it with a straw if you want to be extra careful with it. Don’t consider that only a large quantity of ACV will cause this effect, only a glass per day will also affect you in a negative way.

If you are taking any regular medication, you may like to reconsider your plan of apple cider vinegar detox. Apple cider vinegar is so strong that it may interact with different medicines or supplements that you are using on daily basis.

It may also contribute to the low potassium level or diuretic and even insulin. If you are using such medicines, make sure that you tell your doctor about it.

It is necessary for your doctor to know all these details so that in case of an emergency, you find the quick treatment.

People that are using apple cider vinegar detox also tell that it may give you nausea or stomach discomfort sometimes. It is highest when you are new to it. The chances of getting this discomfort are highest when you take it in morning hours.

Things You Should Keep In Mind

Though there is not enough research to support apple cider vinegar detox as a miracle thing but the online testimonials and reviews will tell you that it has high health benefits.

Using apple cider vinegar detox is relatively safe and easy for most people. But these people are those which are otherwise healthy and don’t have any health condition at all.

The best way to detox the body is by controlling your diet by removing unnecessary junk and oily food from it. Eating healthier food is the right key for the apple cider vinegar detox.

If you are still interested in apple cider vinegar, make sure that you talk to your doctor about it. Especially if you are on medicines or have a health condition, don’t try it on your own.

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Lower Down Blood Pressure With Diet And Exercise

Lower Down Blood Pressure With Diet And Exercise

There are two components of blood pressure which are the higher systolic and the lower diastolic. The higher systolic is when your heart contracts, and the lower diastolic when your heart becomes relaxed.

You have hypertension when your systolic is over 120 or your diastolic is over 80. 91% of Americans will, in the long run, grow hypertension, which expands their hazard for strokes, heart attacks, kidney failure, diabetes, and other diseases of blood vessels.

Specialists don’t determine hypertension to have a single reading since a few people have reactive hypertension that isn’t as hazardous as constant hypertension. In case that you get one high single blood pressure reading at the hospital, check your very own pulse every day and outline the outcomes.

You can utilize the individual test stations that are accessible in numerous drug stores or purchase your own BP cuff. Healthy individuals have their blood weights drop at night. The individual at most astounding danger for strokes and heart attack is the one whose hypertension does not drop at night.

In case that your pulse is over 120/80 reliably, especially at night, you have hypertension and are at huge hazard for genuine illness. Go back to your specialist who will ordinarily assess you for other hazard factors for a heart attack and may endorse drugs.

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Reasons for high blood pressure

There are various things that can cause high blood pressure. Many chronic health conditions like thyroid issue or kidney issues can lead to high blood pressure, and also drugs for asthma and conception prevention pills.

Nonetheless, most grown-ups who experience the ill effects of hypertension have unhealthy diets and ways of life that add to weight gain and obesity.

The BP ascends as body weight increases, and individuals who are obese are six times more inclined to create hypertension that individuals whose weight is at an ordinary range. Eating oily nourishments, elevated cholesterol suppers, and absence of activity additionally put a man in danger for high blood pressure.

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Lower down blood pressure with diet and exercise

Whether or not you take the drug, you can lower down blood pressure with the way of life changes like diet and exercise. Approximately 80 percent of hypertensive Americans can convey their BP to typical within 2 weeks just by following an eating regimen.

Get in shape

Maintaining a sound weight will help to avert hypertension. Returning to a typical weight isn’t as hard as it sounds. You can start by restricting the span of your dinners and snacking portions, and cut back on fatty nourishment.

In case that you devour the same number of calories as you burn every day, you’ll maintain your weight. Eating less calories than you burn will enable you to get more fit. What’s more, getting thinner will help bring down your blood pressure.

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Healthy eating

Choose an eating routine that involve a lot of foods grown from the ground like fresh fruits and veggies. Keep total fat intake low and stay away from sustenance that are high in saturated fats and cholesterol levels. Having a solid heart will help to lower down BP.

Reduce salt content in your eating routine

Lower Down Blood Pressure With Diet And Exercise

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Salt and sodium can raise your pulse, so it’s imperative to read labels on the foods. The United States rules recommend restricting sodium admission to not in excess of 2,400 mg, or around 1 teaspoon of salt for every day.

In case that you eat canned or handled nourishments, purchase the brands that are low in sodium content. Junk food can incorporate a great deal of sodium, so in case that you eat junk foods, pick things that are less in salt and sodium. Decreasing your salt admission will deflect hypertension.

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Garlic tablets

Lower Down Blood Pressure With Diet And Exercise

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Garlic tablets, particularly taken around evening time, have been appeared to diminish spikes in BP. The garlic goes about as drug to bring down pulse. All things considered, garlic demonstrates accommodating in lessening phospholipids and cholesterol; consequently, it fortifies one’s immune system and brings down the odds of stroke.

Omega 3 fatty acids

Eating foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids can likewise go far to avert hypertension. Clinical preliminaries have demonstrated that fish oil supplements, flaxseed oil, or evening primrose oil, assume a basic job in bringing down pulse.

There are additionally various investigations that show how individuals who eat omega 3 rich nourishments like nuts and fish nuts have brought down BP as compared to the individuals who don’t. Omega 3 fats battle the impacts of elevated cholesterol diet. It also lessen the danger of creating coronary illness, and brings down BP itself.

Lower Down Blood Pressure With Diet And Exercise

image by

With regards to purchasing fish oil supplements, remember the fact that not every one of them is made similarly and offer similar medical advantages. The only fish that are wealthy in this imperative supplement are:

  • Salmon
  • Mackerel and
  • Trout

The best fish oil supplements ought to show that their oils are produced using these fish species.

Limit consumption of alcohol

Limit the consumption of liquor. The United States guidelines advocate that men can have maximum two beverages for every day, and ladies can have 1 alcoholic drink for each day.

Increase your physical movement

Exercise is a key factor in deflecting hypertension. In case you are not habitual of physical activity, begin gradually. Work your way up to somewhere around 30 minutes of a moderate-level action. These activities can be for example, bicycling or brisk walk every day.

Say no to smoking

Studies demonstrate that smoking raises your odds of building up a coronary illness, heart stroke, and a few different types of malignancies.

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Decrease stress

Stress is a gigantic supporter of hypertension. So pause for a moment and think, “Would could it be that worrying me the most?” try these tips to reduce stress:

  • Make a list of all the things each night of the things you have to do the following day. By one means or another, that really should assist you with sleeping better if your plan for the day is on paper and some way or another facilitating your psyche. Check things off as you complete everything
  • If there are telephone calls you haven’t made, put aside an hour daily and begin dialing those numbers. Interface with them, regardless of whether it’s for business or delight.
  • Take deep breaths
  • Plan vacations and go to places which soothes your mind and eyes

Last words

Last but not least, to lower down BP fast and naturally there is not a single idea that can suit everyone. Changing eating routine is the best and the simplest for the vast majority. However,  others lean toward elective wellbeing and treatment plans.

Other individuals center around exercise and essentially showing signs of improvement in shape which can likewise be extremely compelling. Whatever it is that you do, figure out how to do it and ideally, you get results sooner than later.

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Am I Having a chlorine rash?

Am I Having a chlorine rash?

You often hear this term “chlorine rash” around you. It is particularly famous for people who are fond of swimming. Usually, it’s the chlorine from the swimming pool that sometimes affects people and causes a rash. Most of the times a chlorine rash is confused with swimmer’s itch or heat rash. That’s why one needs to understand what is chlorine rash and how does it look like.

Chlorine rash is caused by a reaction when your body comes in contact with chlorine. It is not practically possible for a person to be allergic to chlorine. Sometimes a person’s skin is much more sensitive than others. That’s why any contact with chlorine gives them a rash, known as chlorine rash.

This article will discuss how to identify a chlorine rash, signs and prevention strategies for a chlorine rash.

Chlorine rash

Image is taken from”thenordineplace”

Why do people get chlorine rash?

The body develops a chlorine rash when it comes in contact with chlorine. Chlorine, as you may know, is a chemical that is used to disinfect pools. It cleans the water but it may irritate the skin, eyes, and respiration. When a person gets a rash after a contact with chlorine treated water, this condition is called irritant contact dermatitis.

Chlorine is not the only chemical to cause contact dermatitis. There are lots of other irritants as well that may cause contact dermatitis. Any exposure to chlorine can cause an itchy red skin that sometimes swells. For some people, this reaction shows signs of respiratory irritation.

It doesn’t mean that everyone will get at least one of these effects from the chlorine-treated water. Only those who are sensitive to it will develop it. Chlorine rashes are the most common when someone repeatedly exposes to this chemical.

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Signs that you have a chlorine rash

The signs for a chlorine rash appear as soon as you start swimming regularly. A one-time contact with chlorine rarely causes any reaction. For dermatitis, a continuous exposure to chlorine is needed.

The signs of having a chlorine rash vary in person to person. Anyhow there are some similar signs that show up in everyone. These symptoms include

  • Dry skin
  • Chapped skin
  • Itchy skin
  • Redness
  • Swelling of a skin patch
  • Burning/stinging like the sensation
  • Sores/bumps
  • Blisters

After getting chlorine rash, if a person doesn’t take any preventive measures, and continue the exposure to chemical, the symptoms will go worse.

chlorine rash

Image is taken from “healthhearty”

Is every swimming rash is caused by chlorine?

Although it causes most of the cases chlorine is not responsible for every rash that you get from swimming. There are other conditions showing similar types of rashes on the body such as swimmer’s itch. The swimmer’s itch is a medical condition that is called cercarial dermatitis.

Unlike chlorine rash, swimmers itch is not caused by chlorine. It is an allergic reaction that human body develops when it comes into contact with a parasite released by infected into the water.

People get swimmer’s itch when they swim in this infected water. Usually, this water is not even chlorinated otherwise it would have killed the parasites. That means chlorine has no role in this disease.

Interestingly many of the symptoms in both these conditions are same. But swimmer’s itch also causes a tingling of skin and its rash looks more of a pimple. This itch develops as soon as the body comes in contact with parasite-contaminated water.

If you notice someone developing a rash shortly after sitting in a hot tub, know that it is due to high temperature. This high temperature breaks the chlorine that further allows the bacteria to contaminate the water.

Mostly this bacterium is none other than Pseudomonas aeruginosa. It causes skin infections in humans. The same bacteria cause an itchy rash; it gets worse if it is near a sensitive area.

People may easily confuse a chlorine rash with heat rash. Usually, a heat rash hits you when you sit in a hot tub or swimming pool for a long time. However, both have similar symptoms.

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Is there a treatment for it?

It is easy to treat a chlorine rash at home by using only over the counter products. For example, you can use the following.

  • A hydrocortisone cream
  • A cream with antihistamine
  • Body wash to remove chlorine

How to prevent a chlorine rash?

Following these steps can help you to prevent a chlorine rash. Take extra care if you have a sensitive skin.

  • Take a shower right after you swim in a chlorinated pool
  • Remove and rinse your swimming costume after swimming
  • Wear dry and clean clothes
  • Schedule your swimming with intervals
  • Spend a limited time in chlorinated pool water
  • Avoid swimming in overly chlorinated pools

When should you see a doctor?

A chlorine rash is a common problem. Normally you don’t need a doctor for its treatment. However, if a person gets a severe reaction, he should see a doctor immediately. The doctor will prescribe the relevant medicine to heal the rash.

If over the counter creams are not healing your skin rash even when you have lost exposure with chlorinated water, get it checked from a doctor. The rash may not be chlorine related rash and may have a different underlying cause.

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The final word

A chlorine rash may sometimes affect you if you spend too much time in swimming pools. The chances are positive only when the pool water is chlorine treated. These rashes are not serious and usually don’t require a treatment. Leaving it on its own and avoiding a contact with chlorinated water will heal it automatically.

Follow simple steps to prevent it. Such as shower after swimming and change into dry and clean clothes. Also, limit your time in the pool to a moderate level. Even if you get chlorine rash, using over the counter creams will treat it easily.

Rarely a chlorine rash becomes problematic. If your rash persists and is not responding to the home treatments, take an appointment from your doctor. It may have other reasons to form. Only a doctor can suggest the most effective medicine for it.

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Research Unveils the Reality Behind Vitamin D Supplements

Research Unveils the Reality Behind Vitamin D Supplements

You may have observed few headlines and people rambling about the vitamin D supplements being useless. Many of us believe that they do not help one at all with bone fractures and falls. Although the experts state otherwise, that is, people should take them regularly especially in autumn and winter. So what is the hidden reality behind this?

Which Foods Contain Vitamin D?

Following are the common sources of vitamin D:

• Liver

• Oily fish

• Egg yolks

• Red meat

• Fortified foods

• Some breakfast cereals

Who Needs the Vitamin D Supplements?

People who are above 4 should take 10 micro-grams (400IU) vitamin D supplements from October to March. Children who are below 4 should also take the same dose of vitamin D supplements the whole year.

Pregnant and the breastfeeding women should make sure that they take 10 micrograms of vitamin D supplements every day for the whole year. Newborns should take 8.5 to 10 micro-grams vitamin D per day till they age 1, especially for the children who are having mothers milk.

The risk groups must take 10 micro-grams of vitamin D every day all year around. The risk group includes the ethnic minority group with a dark skin tone, elderly staying in homes and people who fully cover themselves.

Why Do We Need Vitamin D?

These days vitamin D supplements are one of the hottest topics going on in media. Some people highly believe in the fact that they keep the bones healthy and prevent flu and cold. While other describe it is as just the waste of money.

Vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium and phosphate ions to maintain healthy bones, teeth, and muscles.

In general, sunlight acts as a major source of vitamin D in summer and spring. However, at the time of winter and spring, the sunlight is scarce so there is less vitamin D production by our body. In the UK, during this time at least one of the five people becomes vitamin D deficient.

Some people argue that they can get the daily recommended value of vitamin D by their food and do not need any supplement but this is not so easy as it seems to be. It is a very difficult task to get your daily recommended value of vitamin D only by food.

That is the reason health officials in 2016 announced that everyone should consider taking vitamin D supplements every day as it is a tough task for many of us to reach the daily goal of 10 micro-grams only by food. To read more about their statement click here.

They said that is just a suggestion for keeping your bones and teeth healthy. It really does not mean that everyone has to take it, just consider it and follow your doctor’s opinion.

Many health experts say that the supplements will only work for you if your body is deficient in it. As per the professor Martin Hewison from the society of Endocrinology, “ almost all trials of vitamin D supplementation have shown that supplementation is only effective if you are vitamin D deficient, to begin with.”

He further added, “as such the benefits of vitamin D supplements were difficult to determine from the study, even though it involved a large number of individuals.” According to health experts, still, there is a need for more researches.

The term deficiency shows that the level of vitamin D one has is below 25 nano-moles per liter of the blood.


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Carrageenan – How It Can Harm You and What Can You Do About It

Carrageenan – How It Can Harm You and What Can You Do About It

You might have come across the carrageenan in the ingredients list of a variety of the products in your local grocery stores. Most people agree that finding products without carrageenan is almost next to impossible.

Carrageenan is used as an additive in almost all of the products even in the so-called ‘all-natural’ stores. It is even found in organic coconut milk, yogurt, baby-formula, and tofu. In case you do not know, it is even present in your nitrite-free turkey cold cuts.

So, what is the thing about carrageenan that makes it controversial?

The particular additive has a long history of controversy due to its reputation as an emulsifier that is linked to considerable damage to the digestive system though recently there have been developments to remove it from certain products.

The National Organics Standards Board forwarded its stance on the removal of carrageenan from the list of substances that are allowed to be used in the manufacturing of organic products back in November of 2016.

However, in accordance with Food Safety News the final decision is still yet to be decided in the November of 2018 because it is typically made by the United States Department of Agriculture after a thorough investigation into the matter.

Carrageenan - How It Can Harm You and What Can You Do About It

Image By Dr. Weil

Is the substance really harmful?

Many people also seem to assume carrageenan is safe after looking at the substance initially mainly because it is found in many foods that are considered healthy. There is enough evidence to show that the substance has a number of different side effects.

Carrageenan has been derived from red seaweed since the 1930s and processed through an alkaline procedure before its addition to different products which makes it appear as a ‘natural’ substance to many people.

It is interesting to note that if the same substance is prepared through an acidic procedure instead of an alkaline one, the final solution is what is commonly referred to as either poligeenan or degraded carrageenan.

This end product is mostly known for its dangerous inflammatory properties and is mostly used in chemical tests for inducing inflammation or for various diseases tests in lab experiments especially the ones that use lab animals.

All of this is important because there the difference between the pH of the end product of both alkaline and the acidic procedure is little yet both are used for entirely different purposes.

If degraded carrageenan is used for inducing inflammation and lab tests, what is carrageenan used for?

This is one of the most common questions raised by people. The substance has been used widely for two main purposes ever since the 1930 – food additive and in conventional medication.

Carrageenan is used frequently as an active ingredient in many of the everyday medicines that are used in the treatment of different health conditions from intestinal issues to common flu and cough. It is also used to reduce pain and swelling which come as a result of health issues.

The acidic form of the substance of degraded carrageenan has also seen to be an ingredient in a number of medicines such as the medication for treatment of peptic ulcers. Secondly, it is also used as a bulk laxative.

The main reason the substance is added to food is it serves binder which stabilizes that consistency and structures of many of the foods and other everyday products like mouthwashes and toothpaste even though it adds no benefits or nutritional value.

Although the substance offers a variety of advantages, the potential side effects shown by the various studies on it have shown to cause the following:

  • Liver cancer
  • Inflammation
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Large bowel Ulceration
  • Immune suppression
  • Fatal toxicity
  • Birth defects
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Insulin resistance
  • Gluten Intolerance
  • The growth of abnormal colon glands

Recently, a majority of the researchers have claimed that the amount of both carrageenans present in many foods and common products is enough to cause inflammation as well as increase the risk of the mentioned health conditions.

Additionally, various studies have shown that both the alkaline procession of the red seaweeds and acidic preparation are potentially harmful and can cause severe health issues in cases of high exposure.

This became apparent after a study in which the effects of eliminating the substance from diet showed many improvements in gastrointestinal health. Secondly, the study linked many gastrointestinal issues from bloating to serious inflammatory bowel disease to the substance.

According to an article published in the Reviews in Toxicology, the carrageenan is safe as long as it takes around five percent or less of the diet. The side effects of mild consumption can be diarrhea or bloating but no severe health issues.

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Another report by the Cornucopia Institute showed that the side effects of carrageenan can be really harmful considering that repeated studies of the substance on animals showed the development of many health conditions.

The studies of carrageenan and its effects on animals have shown that that food-grade carrageenan does cause gastrointestinal issues, high levels of inflammation, ulceration, an increased risk of intestinal lesions, and malignant tumors in many parts of the body.

On the contrary, the previously mentioned article in the Reviews in Toxicology claimed that the substance is not harmful in dietary form and is safe in many of the products including baby formula and toothpaste.

Regardless of the presence of conflicting studies, carrageenan and its use in products have been a controversial issue since the 1960s. The FDA even considered banning it in the dietary form in 1972 but the decision was never finalized.

Most of the times, a majority of the researchers have advised avoiding the substance and the products that contain it. The Cornucopia Institute has even created a list to help avoid products and hidden sources of carrageenan.

You can see the list here.

The other way to avoid the substance is by simply reading the ingredient list of the products. The products that do not list the substance are usually alcoholic beverages, typically beer. Make sure to avoid carrageenan in drinks if you plan on excluding it from your diet and life.

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Everything You Need To Know Before Getting A Flu Shot

Everything You Need To Know Before Getting A Flu Shot

Influenza virus is a common infection that affects millions of people every year. You don’t have to be immunocompromised or weak to get affected by it. Influenza is highly contagious; it means any exposure to an affected person will increase your chances to get hit by it.

Healthy persons are at a high risk of many pathogenic diseases. Viral diseases are difficult and tricky because it spreads like anything. Also, it takes more time and effort to get rid of a viral disease like influence.

Influenza is treatable and there is no lethal effect of it. But older people may get secondary infections that may lead to death. This only applies to people over 65years of age.

Disease management and prevention plan, especially of a viral disease is completed through vaccination. The vaccine for influenza is available as an injectable form. It is commonly called “flu shot”.

What Does a Flu Shot Do?

A vaccination against flu will make you less susceptible to catch it, even when you are around infected people. The symptoms of flu shot appear quickly. The sudden onset of cold-like conditions is the first hallmark of the disease. It may take several days for the symptoms to vanish.

One of the most common symptoms of influenza is to have a painful breath. People suffering from flu are uncomfortable and go through a fatigue like condition, which doesn’t seem like a disease but is very undesirable.

It’s like a state when you are careless, lazy and don’t want to do anything. Getting out of bed seems impossible and it is oftentimes covered with stress like condition.

These conditions, along with many others indicate that the influenza virus has targeted you and you have to get a proper treatment for it.

Before jumping to prevention methods of influenza i.e. flu shots, let’s explore causes of influenza.

Everything You Need To Know Before Getting A Flu Shot

Image By Asbury Park Press

What Causes the Flu?

Flu or influenza is the disease, which shows cold-like symptoms but is caused by a virus of the same name. Your body is capable of picking the virus from anyone around you, a contaminated surface, cough or sneeze of the infected person.

To your surprise, you are also able to get it from the inanimate objects, as the virus is so strong that it may live for up to eight hours on it. During this time, if anyone touches the surface, he has a high risk of getting the virus.

This surface could be anything i.e. a doorknob, the keyboard of your laptop, table or chair. Anyone with the viral disease if touched the surface, he will leave it on the surface. If you touch the same surface after him, the virus can attack your body through mouth, eyes or nose.

The good news is that you can get a flu vaccine before it hits you. The vaccine for flu or flu shot helps your body to make the necessary step to beat the virus.

In this way, when the virus attacks your body, the body has already made its defense plan and it combats the virus.

Is There Any Problem?

The only problem with flu shots is that the virus of influenza is morphing and changing. It changes itself so that a one-time vaccine is not enough, unlike most of the other vaccines.

You are required to get flu shot every year to make sure that your immune system has been activated by the virus.

It is still possible to get the virus even after vaccine only when you come into contact with a different strain of the virus, causing the same infection (influenza). Even in this case, the symptoms of the disease will be just like influenza.

There are chances that your symptoms will be not much severe, as you already have the vaccine. This process is called cross-protection when different viral strains of same disease share common elements and a vaccine against one gives a little protection against the rest too.

Where Can You Get a Flu Shot?

Many people may not know that which is the right place to get a vaccine or flu shot. It is easier than you think. The flu shot is available at most of the doctor’s clinic. You are more likely to find it in places such as;

  • Pharmacies
  • Walk-in medical dispensaries
  • City hospital
  • Native health departments
  • College health centers

Some educational institutes and offices also arrange seasonal vaccinations for their respective members. Mostly, they are free or supported by the regulatory authority. Institutes and companies of the public sector are more likely to be associated with the local health department.

If you can’t find a flu shot provider in any of the up listed options, try and search a vaccine center around you online. There are several websites, which assist you to locate a healthcare center and reserve an appointment for you.

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How Does A Flu Shot Work?

The working of the flu shot is simple. The health experts suggest getting annual flu shot before the winter starts. Every year, millions of these flu vaccines are prepared and distributed in among all parts of the world.

Once you are injected with the vaccine, your body starts producing antibodies in response to the respective viral strain. These antibodies are saved inside the body and provide protection when you actually come across the injection.

Having a flu shot before the season start will prevent you from ending up at suffering from the same viral infection.

Anyhow you are susceptible to get affected by any other strain of the same disease as well. The symptoms of this new strain caused influenza may be similar but less intense than the one you got vaccinated.

Who Should Get A  Shot?

The experts believe that the flu shot is safe for everyone. Any person over 6 months of age is capable of getting a seasonal flu shot. People that fall into a high-risk category should be more cautious about getting the annual flu shot.

The high-risk category of people against the influenza virus is as follows.

  • Older people usually over 65 years.
  • Women who are pregnant
  • Children that are under 5 years of age.
  • People with weak immunity due to chronic illness or genetic

The best time to get a flu shot is by the end of October or start of November. It is the right time when your body responds well and prepares the antibodies before the flu season begins.

Is Flu Shot Suitable for Kids?

Kids are highly susceptible to get sick from an influenza virus. Some of these infections become chronic and end up at hospitalization. Whereas others are treated with self-help plans. As compared to adults, flu virus attacks children more. Children under age 2 are at extreme risk of a flu attack.

The best way to protect your child against the flu virus is to get him a flu shot. Vaccinating children with flu each year will prevent the risk of a viral attack. The doctors recommend that a child over 6 months of age is able to receive a flu shot.

The flu shot or flu vaccine is available in the form of injections of inhalable nasal spray. The doctor can tell better that which form of the vaccine is suitable for your child.

Children between 6 months to 8 years need two dosages of the flu shot with a gap in-between. The flu shot is not suitable for children under 6 months of age.

Everything You Need To Know Before Getting A Flu Shot

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Are There Any Side Effects?

Many people avoid the vaccine for the fear that it will not heal them but make them sick. They don’t understand the working of vaccination. It is very important to understand the disease, vaccination and how it will help you.

Your reason to get infected by any disease can never be the vaccination. A flu shot contains weakened strains of the same virus, which is used for making antibodies in advance.

These strains are not strong enough to cause a disease inside the body. So there are so side effects of a flu shot.

You may feel some undesirable effects of flu shot such as;

  • Soreness in the area where you get an injection
  • Fever of low grade
  • Mild pain and stiffness at the site o injection

These side effects are mild and temporary. They take maximum two days to vanish on their own. There is no treatment required for these effects. Rarely, some people are allergic to vaccination. If you happen to have an allergy, make sure to inform your doctor before getting the flu shot.

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Breastfeeding may affect breast cancer- Research explains how

Breastfeeding may affect breast cancer- Research explains how

Scientists often discuss the relationship between breastfeeding and breast cancer. The National Cancer Institute talks about a research that suggests that a woman is at high risk of breast cancer after delivering a baby.

This risk is temporary and fades with time. Overall many scientists think that breastfeeding helps to reduce this risk to a higher extent. Click here to read more details on it.

Not all women are at risk of cancer. Only 3% of them develop breast cancer during this time. This is much lower than the rest who live a healthy life. Here are more details on it.

The new research highlights the link between breastfeeding and breast cancer. A molecular mechanism that initiates during breastfeeding may be attacked and invaded by cancer cells for survival. A research at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, D.C eexplainsthe same.

This research has been published in the journal Cell Death Discovery and is available online to view. Click here to read the complete research paper.

What is this research about?

The researches arranged to study the so-called process of autophagy using mice. For those who don’t know, autophagy is a process that self degrades an organism for important roles. It helps to remove the dysfunctional protein units, cellular waste and toxins.

This autophagy process is a survival strategy. Many studies tell that it prevents the body from creating tumors. Such tumors are harmful anyways so getting rid of them through autophagy is a benefit.

Even after all these researches, the role of autophagy in normal mammary glands and under breast cancer conditions is not clear. Earlier studies suggested a different pathway, apoptosis to be a form of cell death. In this new study, the researchers tell that autophagy controls if the milk providing cells (during the breastfeeding stage) will survive or not after the process of breastfeeding is over.

For the first time, this study identifies a new molecular switch. It is an unfolded protein response or UPR, which is responsible for activating the process of autophagy. This process then controls the fate of milk producing breast cells. This research is a proof that apoptosis is a different pathway from the UPR/autophagy, although both of these processes work together.

Autophagy and breast cancer

The research team examined a two-stage process of breast remodeling. It is a stage that comes after breastfeeding naturally and is called involution. In later stages, the breast cells follow their survival mechanism to proceed with the process of lactation using milk ducts. It occurs when the mother takes short breaks from breastfeeding. At this point, this process is called reversible involution.

On a contrast, at this second stage, the breast cells turn on their mode of self-destruction. It helps the mammary glands to return to their normal, non-lactating state. Here, this process is called irreversible involution.

Both these changes were studied on the genetic mouse model with autophagy deficiency. Using two different drugs controlled the inhibition or stimulation of autophagy.

The researchers found that when a mouse stops breastfeeding, the buildup of milk protein in milk ducts causes an UPR trigger. This turns on the survival mode of autophagy. When this breastfeeding is resumed and lactation is started again, UPR and autophagy goes back to their normal levels.

The buildup of milk protein triggers cellular stress that is responsible to switch on the pro-death switch in autophagy. The pro survival signaling in reversible autophagy stage may have some link with pre cancerous cells to survive. If prolonged, it may lead to cancer. The abnormal cell developments in breast tissues are understandable because there are so many changes that take place in mammary glands during a whole lifetime.

The final step- treatment of breast cancer

Finally, the research team talks about the treatment of breast cancer using a malaria drug called chloroquine. This drug can stop autophagy during involution, encouraging the breast cells to go back to their normal state. This result explains the role of chloroquine as a potential treatment for ductal carcinoma.

These research findings are first preclinical in vivo data that supports a clinical trial to test autophagy inhibitor. It is essential to study the prevention of intraductal breast malignancy leading to invasive breast cancer in women.

However, it is clearly mentioned by the authors of this study that these findings are not a proof that breastfeeding increases the risk of breast cancer. Or it should be prohibited to reduce the risk. This is clearly not the case of this study.

Breastfeeding is visibly linked with reduced breast cancer risk. The reason may be that after breastfeeding a pro-death programming kills all abnormal cells. It helps to shift the body back to normal again.

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New Scientific Breakthrough Reveals Possibility of Lab-Grown Esophagus

New Scientific Breakthrough Reveals Possibility of Lab-Grown Esophagus

The esophagus grown in the lab was able to do muscle like contractions that is peristalsis. The scientists from the UK after successfully growing a lab-engineered esophagus inserted it in mice.

The experiment published in Nature Communications was done by the scientists at Great Ormond Street hospital and the Francis Crick Institute.

The scientists and their team expect this work to be carried further by clinical trials for the children who are born with their esophagus damaged or a part of it missing.

This lab-grown food pipe called esophagus is a complex, and double muscular layered organ. The longitudinal and circular muscles in the esophagus are made up of several different tissues which provide the path for food and water to reach the stomach.

The scientists used the esophagus of a rat, particularly its collagen scaffold. In its early stage, they provided the collagen with muscle and connective tissues from both humans and rats. They also seeded it with other rat cells which later formed the inside lining of the organ.

With the use of the different type of stem cells of species, the team was able to differentiate between the source of each developed tissue. They inserted the sections of the esophagus in the abdomen of rat, each section was of 2cm.

“ We were amazed to see that our engineered tissue had both the structure and function of a healthy esophagus and hooked up with nearby blood vessels within a week of transplantation” said, professor Paolo Bonfanti, the co-author and the team leader at the Francis Crick Institute and UCL Great Ormond Street Hospital Institue of Child Health (ICH).

The sections implanted in the rats were successfully able to contract and relax, thus showing the peristalsis movement and transfer the food from the buccal cavity to the stomach.

The cases of missing part of the esophagus are rare. Approximately only one baby out of 3,000 babies is born with their esophagus parts missing or no connection with the stomach. These abnormalities in the esophagus usually involve the gap between the upper and lower part of the esophagus.

“ This is a major step forward for regenerative medicine, bringing us ever closer to treatment that goes beyond repairing damaged tissue and offers the possibility of rejection-free organs and tissues for transplant” said,professor Paolo De Coppi, a co-author and a surgeon at Gosh and the leader of stem cells and regenerative medicine at ICH.

More research is still required before it can be used as a clinical trial. For a better outcome, the same experiment should also be done in larger mammals.

The goal of the researchers is to create more bio-engineered developed organs from the esophagus of a pig. To reduce the risk of rejection patients own stem cell will be used.

In the UK, every year around 250 children are born with missing parts of the esophagus. The condition is known as esophageal atresia. The main target of the researchers is to help those where the surgeries are bringing almost no benefits.

The filed of bio-engineering faced a major set back in 2016 because of a surgeon in Sweden, Paolo Macchiarini. He was charged due to his falsifying of science. Out of nine patients who went for synthetic windpipe, seven died and remaining two had a transplant with a donor trachea. After this scandal, the team is now more determined than ever before to reach their goal cautiously.


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Postmenopause Weight Gain: How To Lose It?

Postmenopause Weight Gain: How To Lose It?


All ladies have to go through menopause, the suspension of normal ovulation, sooner or later in their lives. For most, it happens in their fifties, however, a few ladies may encounter it significantly in their earlier phase of life. At the point when postmenopause happens, the measure of estrogen normally delivered by the body is decreased.

This adjustment in hormone levels can prompt a large group of side effects including hot flashes, mind-set swings and libido loss. In postmenopausal period, the adjustment in estrogen levels caused by menopause will have changed numerous things about a lady’s body, including her digestion.

As digestion is backed off, weight gain post menopause happens as it ends up harder for a lady to burn the calories she takes in.  This moderating of the digestion can prompt a redistribution of weight also.

Most weight gain will move to the body’s central part, leaving less fat in different parts of the body. Expanded fat in the abdomen region can lead straightforwardly to an expanded danger of coronary illness, hypertension, diabetes and additionally other wellbeing concerns. Consequently, it is essential for post-menopausal ladies to direct their weight.

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Why mood swings and depression are hallmarks of post menopause?

Postmenopause Weight Gain: How To Lose It?

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Maturing makes the body to reduce its generation of estrogen and progesterone, two fundamental hormones that thusly results in the increased creation of serotonin and dopamine which are the chemicals produced in the brain.

At the point when these synthetic compounds are decreased, depression, mood swings, and nervousness happen. Poor creation of these hormones and chemicals additionally result in drying of hair and skin.

It eventually results in the appearance of wrinkles and diminishing the elasticity of the skin. The result would feel old in this manner adding to hopelessness and touchiness.

There are a few indications of emotional episodes and wretchedness. These are the loss of craving, speedy loss of body weight, poor memory and focus, defenselessness, misery and even a longing to end one’s life.

At the point when these signs appear, it is the ideal opportunity for a lady to see a psychiatrist with the goal that cures should be possible. Tension medications and additionally all-normal menopause supplements might be given by the dr.

The doctor will likewise suggest a sound eating routine comprising veggies and fresh fruits which contain fundamental supplements for the cerebrum, heart, and body. Detoxifying medications may likewise be endorsed with the goal that poisons in the body will be wiped out.

Anti-depression medicines are exhorted for smoothness and relaxation. Sleep and rest are likewise essential for ladies who experience post-menopausal stages.

Instructions to get more fit and lose weight during post menopause

In case that you would like to control weight gain during post-menopausal years, there are a couple of parts to your eating routine that should address. Furthermore, you have to begin a cardio training program and strength training program on the grounds that these can be basic parts that can add to your weight reduction or control since they help your digestion.

In case that you are beginning to enter the pre-menopausal years that happen around 40 years old, it is imperative to prepare yourself to enter into this significant period. Boosting your digestion will burn more calories and help you control weight during post-menopausal years.

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A good dieting arrangement can control weight gain during post-menopausal years

There are a couple of pivotal segments that should address to in your eating regimen in light of the fact that your body begins to retain less of a few basic supplements. Furthermore, you ought to eat less calories on the grounds that your digestion turns out to be less powerful at burning the fat.

By consolidating a ladies’ cardio training and strength training routine of 30 minutes, you can stir your body’s heater and burn calories all the more successfully.

Nutritious tips to control weight gain during post-menopausal years:

Calcium requirement increases

You require more calcium, Vitamin D and magnesium since they help counteract osteoporosis and bolster great bone wellbeing. Begin by eating 3-5 servings of low-fat yogurt every week. Osteoporosis is a condition that produces porous and week bones. It is discovered most generally in ladies during their post-menopause years.

Exercise joined with calcium supplementation will fundamentally moderate the advancement of osteoporosis. You will require a solid edge to help your new perfect weight so consider calcium supplementation as a piece of your get-healthy plan.

Add healthy fats

Add great fats to your eating regimen on the grounds that the Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats will have any kind of effect in easing hot flushes, which can be an imperative factor to avoid hormone-substitution treatment. Your skin will have a more advantageous gleam, as a result.


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Flaxseed can be useful to evade hot flushes. Sprinkle flaxseed on your morning grain or sprinkle it over soups and plates of mixed greens. A few ladies sprinkle it on everything because they obtain a desire for it and it decreases awkward side effects.

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Stop using white flour products, wine, and caffeine

Yes, you read it right, if you want to maintain or lose weight post-menopause age, stop using white flour products, espresso or wine on the grounds that your hot flushes will be enhanced. Eventually, it can lead to weight gain during the post-menopausal years.

Use soy products

Add soy items to your eating regimen. They contain plant-based estrogens that assist you to better manage the menopausal indications.

These are only a couple of accommodating tips to control weight during the post-menopausal years, yet for most ladies, it is gainful to join a consistent exercise routine. Other than a good dieting intend to control weight during post-menopausal years, a solid exercise plan of cardio and strength training should consolidate.

Suggested supplements for post-menopausal age

There are numerous menopause supplements prescribed to be taken by post-menopausal ladies. These incorporate the supplements that contain dark black cohosh which reduces the mood swings.

Individuals who are discouraged likewise tend to eat a lot of nourishment to feel better. Later on, they become more discouraged as a result of the huge consumption of food. Magnesium controls the craving of a man in this manner ought to be taken by a post-menopausal lady. St. John’s wort controls light and moderate anxiety and depression too.

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Two most important tips

Last but not least, for effective post-menopause weight reduction you should:

Eat at the perfect time and

In the correct sums. We should quickly examine these two zones:

The perfect time to eat

Nutritionists persuaded that eating small frequent meals in a day drastically decreases the inclination of the body to store fat.

At the point when the fat cells in your body sense that there is no lack of sustenance, because of your eating much of the time, they will lessen their number and discharge their put away fat as vitality.

Starvation diet plans then again, advise your fat cells to remain in your body as stores. It happens since they sense that nourishment is rare. This is the reason such a significant number of individuals on low-calorie diets never appear to get fit.

Your body must discover that sustenance is accessible and not to frenzy and store its fat cells. Consistent, small meals show this important lesson to your body.

The most imperative feast keeps on being a nutritious and fulfilling breakfast. Try not to skip it in case that you need to see weight reduction.

The correct amount to eat

Eat a wide assortment of nutritious nourishments and eat enough. Try not to make your fat cells frenzy and store their vitality. It happens when they sense a shortage of nourishment in your body. Try not to get ravenous, however.

Enable your body to become acclimated to small and more continuous suppers and you will shed pounds. Your body will readily adjust to smaller meals after some time.

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