A new vaccine for acne- what do you think about it?

A new vaccine for acne- what do you think about it?

Almost every one has to deal with acne at some point in their life. Mostly, the teenagers are sufferers of acne. Usually, it goes away as you age but for some people, it prolongs till adulthood.

Acne is not just an aesthetic but also an emotional distress. Luckily, there are many things that you may try to treat acne. First, there are so many home remedies that use natural products to heal acne-prone skin.

Next in line is over the counter solutions i.e. creams, lotions, gels, ointments, and soaps too. Only the severe cases of acne need immediate medical care and you should see a dermatologist for it.

All these things often end up being a temporary solution. The acne breaks out again whenever there is a chance. People sometimes talk about a vaccine that may eradicate this acne problem for a longer time. But would this be a viable option?

Acne is medically called acne vulgaris. It is a skin condition that persists for a long time. If you neglect it, it will take forever to go. Secondly, acne scarring is a real horror that lasts for a long time.

The recent research shows that persistent acne doesn’t only cause a discomfort but also stress. Everyone becomes self-conscious about how they look and sometimes they often face problems in relationships. (Read about a research on it by clicking here)

However, researchers explain that following a traditional approach to acne may not always work. It is not the best treatment for acne. Especially for the dry skin when acne causes extreme skin irritation.

The treatments currently available are either not effective or not tolerable for a larger public. Particularly, it is a problem for people suffering from the multifactorial cutaneous inflammatory condition.

The research from the University of California, San Diego explains it well. The researchers on this project suggested using safe and more efficient therapies to treat acne.

Is a vaccine for acne toxins possible?

The research findings, published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology explain the idea of developing a vaccine for acne. This research is a hot topic of discussion these days, questioning if acne vaccine is a viable option or not.

The complete research paper is available online and you may access it by clicking here.

In this study, the researchers established a vaccine that fights against the bacterial toxins involved in acne eruptions. This is a pioneer research on this subject. This vaccine of acne targets the toxins that are secreted by bacteria causing acne. This method also helps to reduce acne linked inflammation and redness of the skin.

The bacteria used for developing this vaccine are called Propionibacterium acnes (commonly referred to as Cutibacterium acnes. The toxin from this bacteria is called Christie-Atkins-Munch-Peterson (CAMP) factor. The CAMP factor is majorly responsible for causing acne lesions and inflammation on the skin.

The researchers worked on human and mouse models of skin cells. They tested the efficacy of a set of monoclonal antibodies that are basically immunity cells. These antibodies were tested against the camp factor.

The results from these experiments were highly promising. The antibodies proved to be effective against this toxin for causing acne and inflammation.

However, these results are not verified by a large-scale clinical trial. The researchers are considering verifying it and helping hundreds of millions of individuals suffering from acne vulgaris.

The editorial published along with this research papers reads how vaccines for cane can be a better and effective way to control it. (You can view it by clicking here)

Development of such vaccines is a medical need. It also explains the importance of bacterial equilibrium on the skin. If this equilibrium is not affected, there is no chance to get acne invaded by bacteria. Overall, this research encourages finding better, safer and more effective treatments for acne.


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