Why Are You Having Flank Pain?

Why Are You Having Flank Pain?

The kidneys are among the most important organs of the body. They have important functions such as cleansing blood and excretion.

These organs also work to regulate potassium, salt and acid content. Further, it produces hormones for the boosting of red cells that assist in the control of blood pressure and regulate the electrolytes metabolism and calcium too.

But, wait! Have you ever realized where are the bean-shaped organs in your body? And feel the unbearable flank pain is not really something to ignore!

The kidneys are located on both sides below the chest and above hips. Whereas, the left kidney is a bit lower than the right one because to adjust the liver. People generally tend to ignore the flank pain just considering it a muscle cramp.

Remember if you feel the pain at back, high intense pain on both sides of lower abdomen which might get to groin too, then it is none other than kidney pain.

The pain itself is quite alarming. Besides that, if you note protein in your urine or swelling in your hands and feet or high blood pressures.

More urination especially at night and pain while urinating is also a complete warning. Check your creatinine through glomerular filtration rate (GFR) or blood urea nitrogen (BUN). In addition, chronic diseases might also cause kidney dysfunction.

You should consult the urologist and start identifying the reason for the kidney pain. Mark the points in your diary and be cautious, if you encounter any such pain.

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What Are the Causes of Kidney Pain?

Kidney pain might be due to the underlying diseases that must be triggering pain. Other diseases are identified since childbirth. It is also possible that few people are born with abnormal kidneys by birth due to genetic issues.

Renal clonic

Whenever u feel acute pain which is continuous and sharp. This can be the indicator of stone in your kidney or the blockage in the ureter that drains out from the kidney.

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Urinary Tract Infections

The microbes like bacteria present in the urine cause it by overcoming the defense of body.it is one of the common kind of infections experienced by the people and accounts for 8.1 million patients every year.

The bladder, ureters, urethra and the kidneys from the urinary tract which is responsible for removing the waste and excess water from the body.

More than 50% Women may experience the infection once in a lifetime and have the chances of repeat infection by 20-30 times.

Infection in the kidney(Pyelonephritis)

Bacteria enter the UTI through the urethra and causes infection in the kidney. Mostly the disease is caused due to this.

The bacteria can then spread to your kidneys through the bloodstream. Though there are rare chances of developing the kidney infection, it might happen if you are having any transplanted part or surgery may increase the risk of kidney infection.

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Stones in Kidney

It will initiate pain in form of waves in the right and left the side of the bodies in the kidney. The pain reported is quite unbearable. The stones might even create the burning effect while urination. Due to the movement of stones in the urinary tract, the intensity of pain may also shift from one place to another varying its intensity.

Kidney Cancer

Cancer itself is the worst and most painful disease for the person from the starting of diagnosis till its treatment. It is also recognized as renal cancer. This type is among the most common type of cancer in men and women.

The disease is likely to be not prominent in earlier stages and get prominent later on with the increase in disease.it may also cause hematuria and pain in the lower part of the body.

Compression of Kidney

Compression of the kidney can be due to various reasons. When one kidney swells and disturbs the flow of urine, Hydronephrosis occurs. It might happen in both kidneys. It is a result of any underlying disease.

Boston Children’s Hospital reported that 1 among 100 babies can have this disease. IT can be the result of either stone in kidney or enlarged prostate gland or tumors in the fetus or close by. It can also be caused due to pregnancy. Yes, of course! A large growing fetus might cause compression.

Kidneys with Blood Clots

Renal vein thrombosis may likewise be triggered by kidney cancer or situations that put the burden on the renal vein (for instance, a tumor) or on the sub-par vena cava, into which the renal vein channels.

Other conceivable causes are blood coagulating clutters (hypercoagulability issue), diabetes, vasculitis, sickle cell disease or foundational lupus erythematosus (lupus) that influences the kidneys, oral usage of contraception, damage, cocaine manhandle, or, once in a while, thrombophlebitis migranes—a condition in which thickening happens consecutively in various veins everywhere throughout the body.

Polycystic Kidney Disease

Polycystic kidney malady (PKD) is a hereditary issue in which bunches of cysts grow fundamentally inside your kidneys, affecting your kidneys to expand and drop work after some time. they are noncancerous round sacs containing liquid.

They have different sizes, and they can become expansive. Numerous cysts or larger ones can cause damage to the kidneys.

Polycystic kidney disease additionally can create cysts in your liver and somewhere else in your body too. The sickness can cause genuine inconveniences and problems, including hypertension and kidney failures.

PKD fluctuates incredibly in its seriousness, and a few confusions are preventable. The way of life changes and curing it may cause less harm to your kidneys from impediments.


Glomerulonephritis which is also known as nephrotic syndrome or nephritis is the combination of diseases that damage portion of the kidney that is responsible for filtering blood. It is called glomeruli. Due to this kidney stops it function and continuation of it for the longer time, may result in kidney failure.

Kidney Laceration

Andrew Luck name pops up in mind in the context. He was playing in Indianapolis Colts quarterback when the football hit him on his back. He played the whole game, however, but it lacerated his kidney. Hats off to his struggling pain and passion for the game.

Kidney which is safeguarded by muscles, lower ribs and fats of the body, still a  blunt force exerted on it can injure it or cause contusion or break ( laceration which can be understood well like dropping a watermelon and it burst).


Acute renal failure can result due to the usage of the following medicines:

  • Blood pressure medication like ACE inhibitors and angiotensin.
  • Antibiotics like vancomycin, amphotericin B, cephalosporins, bacitracin, and cephalosporins.
  • Chemotherapy medicines.
  • HIV treating medicines.
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Medications to treat ulcers like cimetidine.
Why Are You Having Flank Pain?

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Congenital Malformations of Kidney

In this, the kidney is defected by birth. It can be a result of hereditary or may be not. It is identified at birth and can be the malformation of more than one organ. Congenital anomalies of the kidney are identified in 20-30 % of prenatal cases.

When Should You See a Doctor?

Kidney pains or flank pain normally does not occur unless there is a serious condition. It is better to see a doctor as soon as possible especially when the pain is continuous.

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